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The growing need to serve foreign investors interested in Panama, led Yolany Alvarado to found ProPanama, the trusted ally.

The investment promotion agency works as a “one stop shop”, providing foreign individuals and corporations with everything they need to live and invest in Panama. A country with a privileged geographical position, the benefit of its dollarized and stable economy, investment security and many other favorable conditions have made the isthmus a niche for foreign capital.

Taking advantage of this situation, Yolany Alvarado, a visionary lawyer decided to attend this segment. Her 18-year experience in Law and her entrepreneurial spirit came together to create ProPanama and contribute to the promotion of the isthmus as a safe investment destination.

The company has personnel trained in diverse areas: lawyers, specialists in Free Trade Agreements, import and export procedures, specialists in assistance for banking products and others. "We have professionals with more than 40 years of experience at the service of the local and foreign business community that seeks an excellent service," said Alvarado.


ProPanama began providing loan management assistance to foreigners in the local market, with income from their countries of origin. Little by little and due to the needs of the market, the portfolio of services was expanded to offer everything that a person or company needs to establish and invest in Panama.

Its market is focused on individual investors, corporations and retirees who wish to settle in the country. People are offered migration services through different options that the country grants to foreigners; opening of bank accounts, management and obtaining of credits and protection of assets with the best legal instruments for the protection of assets.

Alvarado explained that in the case of companies, the ProPanama team provides them with complete assistance on the process of opening and registering the company, making use of the incentives and special laws that the isthmus offers. In addition, they are assisted in opening corporate bank accounts and customs procedures, including experts in the application of current Free Trade Agreements. "We are very proud of our team and collaborators, some of whom have been with us for more than 10 years."

For Yolany Alvarado it is essential to be a good host, so they always try to guarantee the best experience for their clients, also preparing tailor-made business agendas to put them in contact with potential business partners and clients.


This young businesswoman has witnessed the economic development that the country has experienced and the international prestige that classifies us as a safe place to live and do business. Proof of this is that the latest report from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) highlights that Panama led Foreign Direct Investment in the Central American region for 2015, with 43% of the total invested.

"Those interested compare the benefits of the places where they are living with what Panama offers them, and especially the cost of living that is cheaper than in their countries, there are even those who settle here and also seek new opportunities in the region ”, He explained.

In this case, ProPanama's service goes beyond borders and assists investors, putting them in contact with counterpart agencies in other neighboring nations.

Likewise, the country has managed to stay at the forefront in terms of incentives to promote economic growth.

Alvarado referred, for example, to the advantageous position that the Multinational Companies Headquarters Law gives us, the creation of Special Economic Zones and other laws that offer special incentives for tourism and for opening businesses. To this is added that the isthmus maintains Free Trade Agreements with different countries, among which are: United States (Trade Promotion Agreement) Canada, Chile, Singapore, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, among others. For the lawyer, there is nothing more rewarding than promoting Panama as the best place to do business and contribute to its economic development through ProPanama.


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