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In today's world there are few borders, practically everything is already connected and globalized. What a few years ago seemed far away is no longer, and what seemed impossible is now a reality.  

To achieve this new reality in global connectivity, countries have had to emerge that foster and support the demands of the new era. 

Panama, the Hub of the Americas, has been in charge of developing a very important role in this recent dynamic, since thanks to its privileged geographical location it has been able to be the most important connecting bridge in the world through the Panama Canal and an airport international with more than 400 daily flights to 89 destinations in 37 countries in America, Europe and Asia. This without counting on investment projects of 500 million dollars in the next five years to continue with the expansion plan until 2035. 

With a clear vision of where trade, logistics and all economic activity are going, Panama has created a great legal architecture that favors investment, registering foreign direct investment flows of 1,123.9 million dollars in the first quarter of 2020. The economic, fiscal and legal policies make Panama an extremely modern, technological and very attractive country to do business and support global investments. 

How does such a small country become such an important and influential entity worldwide?

Of course, as a significant percentage of the world's goods pass through the Panama Canal, this country has managed to position its relevance. Aware of this advantage, Panama has worked to develop in an integral way to be a Technological, Maritime, Logistic and Financial Hub,  which has led it to present a sustained annual growth higher than the 5% through the last years. 

The financial structure of Panama, made up of banks, securities companies, pension funds, insurance companies, cooperatives, financial companies and development banks, has positioned itself as one of the most important financial centers in the world, with a total of assets of over 137,529 million dollars, where the more than 75  banks occupy the first position in importance. 

The civil code, the constitution, and  investment laws have created a very attractive framework for investors, multinational companies  and foreign retirees, managing to capture just over 50% of all direct foreign investment in Central America. Corporations, SMEs and Retirees have turned to see this small and rich country to invest, do business or live in it.

Hoy, Panamá es un país en donde su economía se basa principalmente en servicios, la banca, comercio y turismo, haciéndolo fuertemente competitivo y atractivo. Su estabilidad económica, política y monetaria hacen de este país una fuente de oportunidades y beneficios tangibles para los extranjeros. 

How has Panama managed to position itself in this way internationally? 

Thanks to the continuous promotion and opening of Panama to attract the attention of capitals at a global level and create new advantages for all those who manage to see its potential. 

ProPanama® is the Private Investor Service Agency with more than 15 years of experience in the market, which has managed to connect companies and people in more than 20 countries. 

As a private business agency ProPanama® will support you through its wide range of services to make Panama your next business partner in the most efficient, reliable and safe way. As a private company, we have strict internal processes that will ensure immediate quality care, without any bureaucracy. Pro Panamá® has the highest principles of transparency, efficiency and speed that modern businesses demand. 

Thanks to the use of technological tools and its divisions operated by teams of experts, with a combined experience of more than 35 years, ProPanama®  It is the most important strategic partner to use the benefits of an infrastructure such as that of Panama when doing business or living in it.

Being the leading organization in the sector, ProPanama®  It will be able to support you through the divisions of Customs and Free Trade Agreements, banking and financial products, legal consulting and regulatory matters, as well as in the expansion of business to international markets. 

MEET ProPanama® ! Join the new way of living and doing business!

Make your inquiries directly to our email or send us a message via WhatsApp at + 507-6615-6000. We guarantee a prompt response and we are sure we can support you.

Alix Moyron Broce 






Commercial Director of ProPanama®

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